Dynacord PowerMate 2200-3

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Dynacord Powermate 2200-3

Revolutionising the mixer market with German engineering excelence, Dynacord mixers stand at the top of their game for both audio performance and power. The Powermate 2200-3 powered mixing desk has XLR microphone inputs that are equipped with an extremely high quality, ultra-low noise, discrete preamp. Powermate 3's +48V phantom power for condenser microphones can be switched in groups of six, whilst the Line Inputs and Channel Inserts are implemented as jack sockets. Powermate 2200's input gain can be controlled in the range 0-60 dB, and a switchable Lo Cut filter (80Hz, 18dB/oct) serves to eliminate low-frequency noise. A very typical DYNACORD feature is the asymmetrical Voicing Filter by means of which, if desired, the voice can be powerfully emphasized in the mix.

With its extended buss structure, the PowerMate3 offers very flexible configuration options. In all, 6 AUX busses are available:

  • 2 (FX) are assiged to the two effects sends
  • 2 (AUX) can be confi gured either as monitor or effects sends by means of a switch in the Main section
  • 2 (MON) are designed as monitor sends, each being equipped with a sweepable antifeedback filter in the Master section.

MUTE and PFL switches, each with its own LED, make it possible to mute each input channel individually and/or listen to its pre-fader signal. Each channel offers a Signal Present and Peak LED for level control. The channel faders are dust-protected and offer not only excellent crosstalk attenuation but also a practice-optimized control characteristic.  All potentiometers and faders are high-quality components from ALPS.

The USB 2.0 port on PowerMate 2200 mk3 serves as a digital audio interface between the PowerMate and a PC or Mac. Four channels can be transmitted in either direction simultaneously. This interface can therefore be used either for the input of audio signals (e.g. for playback or interval music) or else for live- or studio-recording applications. It is configured by selecting the relevant setting in the menu. PowerMate 2200-3 also offers a fully-featured PC MIDI interface. The MIDI input also supports the remote switching of both internal effects units using a master keyboard or MIDI footswitch.

Dynacord PowerMate 2200-3 also features two integrated stereo multi-effects processors that work independently of one another, each offering 100 effects algorithms optimized for live performance, the most important parameters of which are editable.  Linear 24-bit AD/DA converters and 48-bit doubleprecision processing guarantee the finest studio quality based on state-of-the-art technology.  The 100 program locations of each device are packed with high-quality reverbs, halls and plates that deliver professional results in live performance on stage as well as in both studio and home recording environments.



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