Perfect specifications and technical accomplishment count for nothing unless a product can unlock the power, the excitement and the emotion of Music.

Concert Sound Installation Consultancy Services is a full service that offers all major brands of Audio products. By being a large Audio specialist and a web based reseller, it permits us to pick our Suppliers based on their product quality.

Concert Sound Installation Consultancy Services will give you the Power and the best of the best within your budget. we will help plan, budget and commission your project whether it be a House of Worship, Concert Hall, Stadium & ArenaNight Club. Whether you need a simple Public Address System or a fully integrated remote controlled PA sytem, right the way though to fully fledged EN54 Complient voice alarm system we are here to help. Just contact us.

Concert Sound Installation takes a well-executed and systematic approach to each phase of the design.

Concert Sound Installation specializes in providing the custom design needed for a successfully integrated audio system.

We join all these elements and more, that require essential care and co-ordination, include electrical, the interior and architectural requirements, noise restraint, sound and acoustic considerations, lighting, and other building elements, even furniture. The Audio system ideas that we suggest are in accordance with all these factors.

Concert Sound specifies only the highest quality 'X Factor' hardware.  (See 'The X Factor Explained' )

Concert Sound Installation will provide a no obligation quote based on the best available equipment at the best available prices for your application. 

Concert Sound Installation can arrange Finance, with conditions and subject to status.



The X Factor Explained:

  • Have you ever been in a place when the sound is loud, hard and tinny?
  • It is a proven fact that bulk standard off the shelf and domestic audio systems wrongly used in the place you were in, when turned up, can emit harmonic distortions. 
  • This hard and tinny sound, to the listener, is perceived as volume. 
  • The harmonic distortions produced by such systems actually attack the inner ear and certain areas of the brain; it can cause a tired, agitated, fatigued, and sometimes aggressive reaction.
  • This reaction is what you felt.

The X Factor is achieved when certain Professional Audio products are brought together, producing an impact, sound, feel and atmosphere that promotes an amazing uplifted sensation of well-being, which in turn leads to an immediate sense of belonging and a desire to return. 

Our Clients have told us that after the Installation of our handpicked Products, the attendance in their Venue, Establishment or Outlet, have increased by up to 50% but more importantly the customers stayed longer.