Privacy policy



We take security very seriously at That is why any transactions you make over our website are instantly encrypted, providing security for all of your personal information (Name, Address, Credit/Debit Card Details, etc). operates on 100% secure servers that provide all the security required for the transmission and storage of card details using SSL, encryption and firewalls.

When you submit card details the information will be encrypted before leaving your computer and remain encrypted until it is received by our secure servers.

Social Media

Concert Sound have integrated social media on the website in the form of a facebook like button and a tweet button. This is powered by facebook and twitter respectively. Your private information on social media is not impacted by the feature, it is merely a recommendation function for you, the customer, to choose whether to use this functionality within the website. Ultimately, concert sound would like you to recommend our service but you, the customer, retain the power whether or not to do so.