QSC K12.2 Speaker

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qsc-logoQSC K12.2 Active Speaker


The K12.2 is an active speaker from QSC's new K series. It has a Class D amplifier that can deliver up to 2000 watts of power through the 12-inch woofer. Thanks to its clever design, as well as being an excellent full-range PA speaker, the K12.2 can also be used as a floor monitor. It has two XLR/TRS combo inputs (one of which is Hi-Z) so that you can connect an instrument as well as a microphone. There's also a mini jack input that allows you to connect an external device like a smartphone. The mic signals can be sent to separate locations, if required, or all the signals can be sent to the same location at once.

Placement options

When it comes to placing the K12.2 in the ideal position, a range of options are available. As mentioned above, it can easily be used as a floor monitor thanks to its clever design that has slanted sides for just that purpose. It can also stand on its own or be mounted on top of a speaker pole. It has two pole cup mounts so that it can be upright or at a 7.5° angle depending on your preference. There are M5 and M10 rigging points too so that the speaker can be suspended as part of a line array, for instance. Adjusting the speaker's settings is also easy thanks to the display on the rear where you can fine-tune things like the crossover, the equalizer, and the delay, among others. With a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20 kHz, you won't miss a beat with the K12.2.



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