Electro-Voice X12-128 16000w Subwoofer

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Electro-Voice X12-128 16000w Subwoofer

This is the most powerfull subwoofer ever produced by Electro-Voice. This is an outstanding peice of equipment and will compliment any powerfull mid high cabinet. matched to the X2-212 top cabinet its output is second to none.


The X‑Line Advance X12‑128 subwoofer produces the greatest low‑frequency impact and performance EV has ever developed. It is truly a state‑of‑the‑art compact cabinet that delivers more LF output in a smaller footprint than other subwoofers available today.

In addition to its extremely high output capability, the X12‑128 is designed to acoustically match seamlessly with any X‑Line Advance top cabinet. It offers superior configuration flexibility for easier system design and setup, making it the standout subwoofer choice for any larger‑format live or installed audio application.


  • High‑output, high‑impact dual 18" subwoofer system
  • Super‑high‑output DVF4180 woofers for low distortion at extremely high SPLs
  • Dual front and rear signal connection points for flexibility in system configurations, including cardioid setup for increased focus of low‑frequency output
  • Compact cabinets with low‑profile footprint, suitable for under‑stage applications
  • 105 dB sensitivity (1 W/1 m half space)
  • Power handling: 4000 W continuous, 16,000 W peak
  • 141/147 dB maximum SPL (continuous/peak)


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