RCF Evox12

RCF Evox12

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The new EVOX 12 is the biggest and most powerful in RCF's Evox range of professional, portable PA systems. An innovative and practical design makes this range ideal for use in small venues, by singer-songwriters on the move and speech, always with outstanding audio quality.

Portable two-way array for DJs, Live PA and Conference

Evox 12 is now the most powerful line-source in its class and offers a particularly profound and dynamic reproduction at high levels due to the built-in 1400W power amplifier. The top section uses eight high performance neodymium 4 “full-range transducers with a phase plug, resulting in significantly increased low-mid playback at a constant level with a wide dispersion for the highs (giving 90° x 30° slightly tilted pattern control).

The 15” subwoofer delivers powerful bass sound to reinforce a big party or the kick drum of a live band. Despite high performance, the enclosure is very compact, and thanks to integrated wheels and extendable handle very easy to transport. There are two recessed rear wheels and a convenient extendable handle. The 1400 Watt digital amplifier delivers 400 Watt for the top line source and 1000W for the low frequency cabinet. Thanks to the frequency dependent drivers’ excursion and control of distortion, the processing is extremely effective and there is a dedicated vocal preset, specifically studied for speech reproduction during presentations or conferences.

Evox compact systems are designed for live sound with easy portability and set-up, providing high powered solutions for multiple applications, from live music to outdoor parties and corporate events. They’re also perfect workmates for solo musicians or bands. The Evox packages are self-contained with both pole mount and satellite cabinet fitting into the subwoofer for portability. The systems are voiced for the vocal range with full musicality. The controlled coverage pattern is designed to cover the audience while keeping room reflections to a minimum. There are also optional accessories including a cover bag and transport cart.

  • 1400 Watt

  • 130 dB max SPL

  • 40 Hz 20 kHz frequency response

  • 15" Woofer

  • 8 x 4" neodymium full-range woofer

  • 90° x 30° slightly tilted pattern control

  • Innovative DSP processing

  • Pole mountable, easy set-up and transportation


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