Lab Gruppen FP10000Q-SP

Lab Gruppen FP10000Q-SP

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Lab Gruppen FP10000Q-SP 4x 2500W

The FP10000Q is the flagship four-channel model in the FP+ Series. At the core of the FP10000Q’s performance is the now proven technological milestone that is Lab.gruppen’s patented Class TD® output stage, an amplifier topology that approaches the exceptional efficiency of Class D while retaining the sonic purity of proven Class B designs. Further contributing to the remarkable efficiency of the FP10000Q is a Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS), which gives the added benefit of stabilizing rail voltages to the output even with wide fluctuations of mains voltage. A highly refined and updated circuit layout optimizes the interaction of R.SMPS and Class TD to produce the extraordinary power density of the FP10000Q.

The Lab Gruppen FP10000Q has 4 channels, each offering 2500W into 2 Ohms, 2100W into 4 ohms or 1300W into 8 ohms. Class TD® output, R.SMPS regulated switch-mode PSU, proprietary copper-finned Intercooler. 12Kg.

FP10000Q-SP which is fitted with speakon connectors.


  • Very high power and channel density – The four-channel FP10000Q delivers a total of 10000 W (4 x 2500 W @ 2 ohms) in only 2U 
  • Four-channel flexibility – Adjacent channels bridgeable for 2- or 3-channel operation
  • Lab.gruppen sound quality – impeccable sonic performance standards with durability and greater efficiency
  • NomadLink® network ready – Monitoring and control of key functions accessible via the intuitive DeviceControl software 
  • Patented Class TD amplifier topology – Road-proven output stage delivers Class B audio quality with Class D efficiency 
  • Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS) – Output power remains constant even with significant drops in the mains voltage
  • Efficient cooling system - Unique, lightweight Intercoller copper cooling system dissipates more heat to allow extended peak output
  • Adjustable parameters - Selectable Gain, scalable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL), and bridge-mode operation allow custom configuration for any application
  • Comprehensive protection and warning – Excessive output current, DC, high temperature, very high frequency (VHF), short circuit, open load, mains fuse protection, and soft start
  • XLR input connectors
  • Speakon Outputs
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