Soundcraft Si Impact Digital Mixing Console

Soundcraft Si Impact Digital Mixing Console

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Soundcraft Si Impact Digital Mixing Console

The Soundcraft Si Impact offers a powerful live sound digital mixer, using ViSi Ipad Control and built in stagebox connectivity for I/O expansion. In addition to the wide variety of excellent live sound components, the Soundcraft Si Impact has 32-in/32-out USB recording, as well as a playback interface that will provide easy multitrack recording and playback directly from a DAW. The Si Impact is designed to be as simple to use as an analogue mixer, but remain a powerful machine, and the Si Impact is just that. Perfect for anyone looking for a comprehensive Digital Mixer that will last, the Soundcraft Si Impact is a fantastic piece of a kit.

• 32 Mic Inputs• 8 XLR/1/4" Combi-jacks for line inputs and instruments  

• 40 DSP input channels (32 mono inputs and 4 stereo channels/returns)

• 31 Output busses (All with full DSP processing and GEQ)

• 4-band Fully Parametric EQ on each channel and bus

• 8 VCAs + 8 Mute groups

• 26 motorised faders (24 input + LR/Mono )

• 4 fully customisable Fader Layers• Built-in Stagebox Connectivity

• 5" touchscreen display   

• Multi-Colour LCD Channel Displays on each input fader

• 4 studio-grade Lexicon Effects engines and dedicated FX busses

• BSS Graphic Equalisers on every bus• 20 sub-group / aux busses

• 4 mono/stereo matrix busses

• 32x32 USB audio interface for multi-track recording and playback


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