Electro-Voice CP4000S 4200 Watt Power Amplifier

Electro-Voice CP4000S 4200 Watt Power Amplifier

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Electro-Voice CP4000S Power Amplifier

  • Advanced high-efficiency Class-H design

  • Ideal for demanding concerts and tours 

  • Exceptional dynamic headroom

  • Rugged, compact, and lightweight

  • 2100 W per channel (2 Ω)

  • XLR pass-though input connections

  • Easy connection to bi-amped loudspeakers

  • Switch mode power supply

  • Built-in dynamic limiters

  • Complete protection: thermal, overload, shorts, HF, DC, back-EMF, inrush current

  • Three-stage front-to-rear fans

  • 3Year Concert Sound Warranty

The Electro-Voice CP4000S is a 2-channel, 2U rack-mount power amplifier designed for the rigors of live touring, offering high efficiency and great quality sound. Three user-selectable performance modes are available - dual, parallel, and bridged. The amplifier features XLR input connectors and XLR and Speakon output connectors for connection to any professional sound system.

The CP4000S uses an optimized power supply with low-leakage toroidal transformers for outstanding audio performance with extensive headroom. Internal circuitry minimizes potential damage from electrical and thermal overload, short circuits, and HF/DC at the outputs. Other protection measures include back-EMF-protection, which prevents damage to the output resistors by electrical back-feed, an inrush current limiter, delayed connection of the outputs at power-up, and dual three-speed fans.



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