Dynacord PowerMate 600-3

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Dynacord Powermate 600-3 

Revolutionising the mixer market with German engineering excelence, Dynacord mixers stand at the top of their game for both audio performance and power. The Powermate 600-3powered mixer packs an extremely powerful punch from compact and lightweight chassis capable of delivering 2000-Watts of power. Dynacord Powermate 600-3 features a lightweight Class D power stage, which allows this mixer to weight in at only 9kg! Powermate 600-3 also offers pristine sonic performance along with a lavish feature set, including a large, high-contrast OLED display that is easily read from a wide range of viewing angles, even in very bright surroundings.

Powermate 600-3 features premium grade microphone preamps complete with phantom powering on channels 1-6. Its Stereo-line channels offer electronically balanced jack inputs for the connection of electronic instruments such as keyboards, drum-computers, guitars and basses with active electronics as well as all other high level stereo signal. CD or MP3 players can be connected to the additional cinch (RCA) inputs CD 1-2 and CD 3-4, which are switched in parallel. A 24-bit 96 kHz USB audio interface is included for recording or playback from PC along with remote MIDI switching for its internal effects.

PowerMate 600-3 also comes equipped with two very high quality, 24-bit stereo effects processors, FX 1 and FX 2, these function independently and can therefore be mixed. The two effects units are fully identical in design. Each effects section offers 100 presets including high-quality reverb, delay and modulation effects selected by means of the display.

To ensure safe transportation, Dynacord PowerMate 600-3 comes supplied with a solid plastic lid that is held in place simply and securely, without the need for any locking mechanism, by magnets.






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